Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in the Village

I took a trip to Lovesick (a charmingly tiny store owned by Kim Petrie, filled with all kinds of vintage finery, including jewellery, shoes, belts, jeans, dresses, etc. located in Wortley Village) this past weekend to see what "must-have" items Kim had added to her stock since my last visit there.  The young woman above was shopping with a friend, and I thought she looked so cute in her ruffled dress and cowboy boots.  As it so happened, she coordinated perfectly with the outfit on the mannequin outside!  I came away with a couple of cool belts and a knitted scarf/collar/shawl thing, and I gazed longingly at these adorable white Beatle boots, until my practical side reminded me that white shoes, when one has size 10 feet, are not the most flattering choice, unless I'm planning to dress as an Elvis impersonator (from the white jumpsuit era).
I still think they're FUNKY!


  1. I have to disagree! Size 10 are there for a reason and we must feel comfortable in our shoes... I would wear them... On a train or on a plain... I would wear them anywhere!

    Love the boots!


  2. Hey I'm a size 10 too. Yippee!