Monday, May 3, 2010

Handmade Festival

If you're looking for something to do this Saturday, or perhaps you haven't found that perfect Mother's Day gift yet, why not check out the Handmade Festival at the Central Library.  The festival has offered free workshops in a variety of crafts such as quilting, felting and knitting over the last few months, and culminates in a Handmade Festival One Day Art show and sale on Saturday, May 8th, in the corridor of The Central Library (Located at 251 Dundas st.) from 11am -4pm.   According to their website,  The Handmade Festival is about "creating a space for people who use their hands and their passion for handmade art to come together, and share skills, show and sell their work to the public while creating community."   There will also be on site workshops and information sessions.  One of the talented crafters who will be displaying their work is quilter Jessie Gussack.  In addition to making beautiful quilts, she also makes very cool jersey scarves, which I had seen on display at the Indie Media Fair that was held at the Central Library back in March.  I had wanted one, and once I saw the huge assortment of colours she had available, I had no choice but to get two.  They are available in solid colours, tie-dyed, or patterned.  Below is a photo of me wearing the pink tie-dyed one I purchased (at least the scarf looks good).  This one, and the red one I purchased, are the perfect things to wear when I need some colour near my face (which seems to be often these days)

You can see more of Jessie's handiwork on her Etsy shops,  and  Her scarves are also available in London at Lolita on Richmond Street.

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  1. I saw this fabulous scarf and instantly went to Etsy and ordered 2! thanks so much!!!!!!