Sunday, May 9, 2010

Barbie is Pretty in Pink!

If you didn't know what to do with Mom today to celebrate Mother's Day,  Jonathon Bancroft Snell had the perfect suggestion.  Today, at Jonathon, his ceramic gallery located on Dundas Street, he hosted a fundraiser for Wellspring Cancer Support, with the theme of "Pretty in Pink".  Local merchants were invited to dress a Barbie in something pink and pretty and the dolls were then displayed at Jonathon and put up for silent auction.  Well, nothing goes better with Barbie than Pink, and the dolls that were dressed and donated were the results of many hours (in some cases days), much fabric, notions, and a whole lot of creativity.  The minimum bid for the dolls was $100, and for $200, you could own your favourite, and all the money goes to Wellspring.   Any of the dolls that were not sold today could still be purchased by contacting Jonathon at his gallery this week.  There were some stylish people who stopped by to take in the sea of pink that filled an entire room but the most stylish subjects there were 11 inches high.  I will post photos of some of the well-dressed humans this week.

 Barbies, Barbies, everywhere, and all of them in Pink!

One of my personal favourites, designed by Attic Books

The Barbie designed by the Inuit Gallery had a beautifully detailed costume that included a hooded coat

Personally, I always preferred dark-haired Barbies to blondes.  This elegant outfit by Roman's Leather
This Barbie, donated by Nicholas & Elizabeth Bridal, had the biggest dress
This Barbie definitely had the most elaborately detailed setting. She was created by Betty Lou Simpson, the President of the London Garden Club

 Barbie, as interpreted by the creative women at Frilly Lizard

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  1. So glad you found out all the details. What a great retro librarian Barbie! ;-D Beautiful handiwork all around.