Saturday, March 13, 2010

Indie Media Fair - Central Library

The downtown Central Library hosted an "Indie Media Fair" this afternoon.  There were tables featuring zines, art, handicrafts, stickers, pins, and comic books.  Thank God there was something interesting to do indoors because the weather was terrible outside.  I got there late, so people were starting to pack up, and most of the crowd had thinned, but there were still a few interesting looking folks around, including Heather, (above with her family), who has recently opened a Yoga Studio in London (it's called the Practice Loft--thanks to Amara for the correction).
I recognized this young woman, Amara, who creates these very funky apron-wraps that can be worn over pants, skirts or  leggings as she wears hers here.  I've wanted one of these since I first saw them at From Mars, where you can find them for sale.  The woman in the previous photo is also wearing one over her pants.  If you want to contact Amara about purchasing one of these, she can be reached at:
There was also this young woman, who I thought had the greatest pair of glasses that suited her girly, vintage-inspired style perfectly.


  1. I'm so determined to make it in this blog!!!

  2. pssssst
    it's called the practice loft!

  3. Sarah - I'm usually downtown with my camera on Saturdays, if you see me, stop and say Hi! If you're wearing something eye-catching, you could be my next post

  4. hahaha - perfect. I'll keep my eyes open. and my wardrobe in mind!!! :D