Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Forest City Fashionista!

Yes, my baby is one year old today, and my, how she's grown!  Thanks to those of you out there who are not afraid to show some style and personality in what you wear, and to those of you who are interested is seeing who I've captured with my camera, I've been able to post regularly, and have gone from 200 hits in my first month, to 5,500 this month.  I couldn't be happier, and am looking forward to continuing to startle the unsuspecting and stylish passer-by with my camera for another year.


  1. Happy Birthday Cupie-pie!! Congrats and keep on snapping!


  2. Happy birthday and congratulations! I'm sure you'll grow even more in the coming year.

    Also, that cupcake looks delicious. Any chance it's from that place in the market?

  3. Yes, the cupcake in the photo is from the place in the market whose name escapes me at the moment. It sat in my fridge for a few days before I could take the photo, so it was still pretty, but past its "best before" date in terms of edibility.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! and many more! xo

  5. I knew it. I never forget a cupcake.

    (and I'd probably still eat it)

  6. Happy first birthday! I love the picture of my little spring shoes. Keep on snapping and posting my shutterbug friend.