Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Showing Off Your Style

Back in the fall, I was offered the chance to have some of my street style photos published in a magazine called "Your Style",  which was to be a new addition to the family of magazines published by Your Magazines Canada Inc., based here in London.  The magazine was originally scheduled for publication in November, but was delayed, and finally came out this week.  After I was asked to contribute some of my street shots, I told the subjects in the photos I planned to submit to the magazine that they would not appear on my blog, but instead, would be in print.  With all the time that has passed, I feel badly that these photos didn't see the light of day until now, so in an attempt to remedy the oversight, I will be posting the photos here over the next few days.  They were taken in the fall, which accounts for the lack of snow and winter clothing.  My apologies to the people, like the young woman below, who so generously allowed me to take their photos, and have probably wondered what I did with them...

Liked the contrast of the distressed leather over the cheerful print of the dress

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