Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Hand Rose

In a previous post I mentioned that I purchase a lot of my clothing from secondhand stores, and my most recent acquisition was this pair of *very* pink leather pants from Love Sick in Wortley Village.  The challenge was to wear them in a way that didn't scream "Barbie and her Harley", and I came up with the above outfit that made me feel a bit like a modern Cossack.  The shirt was a gift from a guy from Mexico (I mentioned how much I liked it on him, and he gave it to me), and the embroidered vest was from Value Village.  I was having a bad face day, hence the cropping :)


  1. Ooh, where is this Love Sick place you speak of?

  2. It's in Wortley Village here in London, next to the Black Walnut Bakery (I think it's on Craig Street)