Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Forest City Fashionista Featured in "YourStyle"

Hello all, am pleased to announce that the website for the local magazine "YourStyle", which features a page devoted to my blog, is up and running.  Now the people to whom I've been blathering to about this since September can actually see what I was talking about, since it's rather difficult to obtain a copy of the actual magazine.  You can find me here:   http://yourstyle.yourmagazines.ca/lookonstreets.html


  1. Great photos and great promo - congrats!!

  2. That is awesome; I'm so vicariously excited for you! Congrats on being famous!

    I do wish the pictures were bigger or clickable.

  3. I've posted most of the photos from the magazine on my blog over the last two weeks, so you can see larger versions there, although it would have been nice to be able to see larger versions on the magazine website. I still think you're way more famous than me :)