Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Black and Grey and Cool All Over

Remember the young man in the skirt?  Well, this study in funky black & grey works in the same store that he does.  I tell you, the guys on Queen Street West know how to put it together.  I love the visual interest that he creates using only two colours and clean, modern shapes.   I'm sure that some of you are wondering what's up with all the photos of Toronto folks when this is supposed to be a London Street Style blog.  Well, I prefer to feature subjects from my home turf if at all possible.  I know it's winter, and no one feels like making an effort when it's cold and grey, but don't let those smug Torontonians show us up!  Throw on that plaid scarf with those cool striped tights and a red skirt and get out there (and tell me where you'll be so I can take your photo)

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