Friday, January 1, 2010

Young Man in a Skirt - Queen Street West

While in Toronto this week I made a trip to Balisi on Queen West.  I had never been in the store, but I had read about it, and they carry really beautiful, and unique clothing, accessories, and funky footwear by Fly London, Eject, El Naturalista, etc.  I got a beautiful fedora made by Liliput Hats, half-price, but  I digress.  For me, the other great find in the store was this young man, who is a perfect example of someone with no fear when it comes to personal style.  Personally, I love the look of a man in a skirt, if it's the right man, and in this case, it is.  It looks great on him, but this is by no means a look that many men could carry off successfully. It certainly helps that he is slim, and has a charmingly sassy personality.  I like the way he's paired it with a white shirt with metal details (see closeup below), and anchors it with thick socks and heavy boots, so it doesn't look "girly".


  1. Great post!! luv the look :)
    AND- I like how he is standing in front of "Prague"...

  2. Finally!

    At least one North American man has figured it out: it's just a skirt! It's a lot like pants, but without the inseams!

  3. I often wear skirts in a masculine way here in Australia. A skirted garment is the most comfortable and healthiest garment for a man to wear. If women can have the option to wear pants and other men’s clothing in a feminine way, then there is no reason why men cannot have a masculine option in skirts. It is time that we do away with the prejudices toward men in fashion just like it was done away with for women 50 years ago. Like this example, men can look masculine in a skirt. Great Post!