Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unexpected Sparkle

On a damp, grey day in January, the last thing you expect to see on the street, at least, in London, Ontario, is gold sequins, but, here you are.  This shouldn't work, and I'm sure that for a lot of people, it doesn't, but then this is not a "fashion" blog.  She's demonstrating that personal style is not about wearing what's "in",  but about wearing what makes you happy.

Note:  After I posted this, the girl in the photo posted a comment explaining that she had just come from a photo shoot in Victoria Park with the theme of "Glamour", (which kind of disappointed me, it made me happier to think she just dressed like that for no particular reason) and she said her outfit made more sense when you saw what was under the jacket, so;


  1. Actually, the outfit makes more sense when you see what's under the jacket, ear muffs, and gloves. I had just come from a photo shoot in Victoria Park, and the theme was "glamor", hence the sparkles.

  2. Fashion isn't always about what's "in"!

  3. Boston: I amended the post, and added the photo of you with the jacket open

    Anonymous: I have always thought that was what fashion was: what was new, "in", what the designers are showing on the runway. You can buy fashion, but you can't buy style.

  4. Thank you, but to be fair, this is an outfit that I would probably wear again, and not just for a photo shoot.

  5. I don't think fashion has to be what's trendy, no. Fashion also can mean the make or form or something - it doesn't nessecarily have to mean fashion journalism or cortoure at all. There are plenty of independant designers, or people who design/alter their own clothing - is that not fashion? One can have a "fashion sense" wearing only thrif or handmade items, i think! I believe style more applied to the overall look - hair, accessories, character. I am not trying to be critical, simply sharing an opinion. Because would say I am interested in fashion, but I am not at all into big name designers or brand clothing.

  6. This gal always looks amazing!!!
    She always looks great and very well put together in her own way.
    She has a true sense of her own style and is NEVER afraid to to trying something new.

    When I saw her on Saturday I just assumed it was one of her own brilliant and creative outfits.

    BTW- she is also sporting her lovely new Weezi bag! ;)

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