Sunday, January 10, 2010

Serious Style Envy...

There are a few style blogs that I follow regularly, and I find I am especially enamored of those that are based in New York, which happens to be my favourite city in the world (so far).  There is a lot of style on the streets of NYC, much if it expensive, some of it crazy, most of it inspiring.  I recently discovered nycrunfashion, which follows the style established by The Sartorialist, of capturing shots of stylishly-dressed people out on the streets, going about their daily business.  In larger cities like NY, I often see people whose look I wish I could adopt as my own, but I realize that either because of age, body type, money, or personality (sometimes all four), it wouldn't work.  The woman in this photo, from nycrunfashion, is giving me a serious case of style envy, in fact, I want to be her, I don't care how messy her life is. 

Just so we're clear, I DID NOT take this photo.  It is from the blog, nycrunfashion and I am emailing the owner immediately to ask his permission so that he doesn't sue me for posting it.

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