Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dark and Delightful Dolls at Apocalypse

Since I posted about the store Apocalypse back in December, I've been curious to see how well the owner would use the gallery space in the rear of the store.  I really liked the art that was there in December, and was happy to see that as of last week, a new exhibit has been installed called "The Light In The Dark".  Most little girls at some point in their lives have played with dolls, and some girls grow up to continue to play with them, with wonderfully creative results.  Jacqui Gallant, one of the owners of Addictive Tattooing on Dundas Street, is one of those girls, only now she's a woman who makes gorgeously detailed, more than slightly creepy, and incredibly mesmerizing dolls out of polymer clay.  Some of her dolls are now on display at Apocalypse, along with paintings by two of her co-workers at Addictive.   Below are photos of two of my personal favourites in the show.  The dolls are approximately 8 or so inches high, with names, and some have detailed stories that are displayed with them.  Most of them are for sale, and if anyone is looking to get me a present for any reason, I really like the red-head, whose name is Addison.  You can find more information about the dolls (called Odd Dollz) on Jacqui's Blog , or at her online store

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  1. WOW!! thanks so much Shelly for the shout out about my dolls and Gallery show at the Apocalypse!
    Bryan at the Apocalypse is a really nice guy with a super cool store and a wonderful little gallery in the back. You are right, a great addition to an already wicked little strip in the city. ( From Mars is one of my all time fav stores and Laurie and Diane ROCK!! )

    Thanks again Shelly for the kind words and I sure hope some one wants to buy you a present.....hint hint!!