Monday, December 7, 2009

While We're On The Subject of Hats...

Saw this one approaching from a distance, then discovered the mini-dreads sticking out of the right side of the hat (click on the image to enlarge it ).   The hat and the hair both look adorable on her. This is my 100th Post!  Sorry, there are no prizes for being my 100th subject, but she has my sincere gratitude for her cooperation and her lovely smile.


  1. So where do you find a wide selection of functional but also good-looking headwear in London? There used to be a hats place on Richmond Street near Central but it doesn't appear to be there any more. I recently purchased a new one that's warm and feels good, but I can't say that I'm overly fond of what it looks like on me :(

  2. The only place I've ever found hats that I like is From Mars on Talbot Street. I love hats in theory, but in practice, I have trouble finding ones that look good on me.

  3. Hello FCF!!! I found you quite by accident but I'm glad I did! I was sitting here reflecting on life, family....all that usual reflective stuff that comes with the season I suppose, and my thoughts turned to my grandmother. I didn't know her very well or long (although she did live with us for a short time I do recall) but the one thing I remember the most is, as a small child I was quite afraid of her. I always thought she was about to call me a bad child...because she always, ALWAYS, started her sentences to me with, "You're an awful, awful, awful cute girl...come give your gramma a kiss!" Well, by the time the second "awful" came out of her mouth, I was mortified, lmao. But I've digressed. She is the topic of my comment however.
    I was born and raised in London, moved away in '81 (just down the road to Kitchener) and moved back to my childhood home 2.5 years ago. Gramma Bessie owned or managed (probably the latter as she died penniless) a hat shop in Downtown London! That's all it was...HATS. I've been googling for a bit, trying to find out more about the store and her.....and I found you! And I'm so glad I did. You're a refreshing read and at the time of writing this comment, I had only opened a few windows! May I take the time to wish you all the Season's Best to you and yours, and I know who I'll be reading in the New Year! Very nice site!!!