Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fashion/Art/Life on Talbot Street

I'm encouraged when a new business opens in downtown London, given the rather desolate look of the Dundas and Richmond Street corner these days.  Bryan Ramsden has opened Apocalypse, a store offering casual and stylish men's and women's wear, on Talbot Street, in the block between King and York Streets.  Since that block is already home to two of my favourite stores, From Mars (which also carries men's clothing), and Frilly Lizard, I'm thinking that Apocalypse will provide guys a place to hang out while their girlfriends are trying on clothes.  There was lots of colour, interesting shirts, and a nice selection of casual (ie. converse-style runners, etc.) footwear.  If you're thinking of dropping by for a visit, right now there is an "Opening Special" of 15% off everything.   In keeping with the store's theme of "Fashion. Art. Life." there is a small, gallery-like space in the back of the store that will be devoted to the display of work of local artists.  Currently on view are paintings by Darryn James Rae, which are in the style of Street Graffiti, but really good street graffiti.  I liked his work, and was happy to see that it was very reasonably priced.  More of Darryn's work can be seen on his website at

Painting by Darryn James Rae, on view at Apocalypse, 355 Talbot St.


  1. Apocalypse also has some women's clothing, I believe....check it out.

  2. You're right, they do--I've edited my post to correct this!