Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the Bus - Flannel-lined Denim

I ride the public transit a lot, at least twice a day, so I have plenty of time to stare at people and scrutinize what they are wearing (if that was you I was staring at, I apologize, I wasn't being rude, I probably just liked your outfit). I spotted these flannel-lined jeans (which I think look cool with the sturdy black boot) and I have always thought they were a great idea for winter. I don't find that jeans are comfortable to wear when it's cold outside, but if they are lined with plaid flannel---how cozy is that? I haven't seen them for sale anywhere, although I imagine they must be sold in places like Mark's Work Wearhouse--anybody know where I can get a pair of these??


  1. Maybe it was a do-it-yourself project?

  2. very cool! never seen that before. Guess I'll be up for hours altering all of my jeans! - Abigail from waterloo

  3. I'm responding to an old post, but wanted to say how much I like your blog -- it's inspiring!

    One can get those flannel-lined jeans at Woolrich: