Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breastest Day Ever!

On October 25th, Weezi Design Studio and photographer Dana Brushette hosted a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research called "Breastest Day Ever". It was also the launch for the calendar shot by Brushette that features pinup-style portraits of women who have had, or have, breast cancer. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to mingle, shop, have a cupcake, and support a good cause. As part of the fundraising, five lucky women were able to get their portrait taken by Dana for a reduced fee, after having their hair and makeup done by the talented stylists on hand for the occasion. The woman in the photo with the pink and gold locks models regularly for Dana. Dana's fabulous pinup-style portraits as well as her other photography can be seen on her website: www.DanaBrushette.com
Photographer Dana Brushette, rocking her colourful curls!
Getting her face done by makeup artist Missy Costa
Almost-too-pretty-to-eat cupcakes were available if you needed a sugar fix
Missy Costa, with her flower-adorned beehive


  1. Great pics! Glad you had such a great time!!!
    Thanx for your support Shelley! :)

    Great blog!!!

  2. Wow! I love the photos. Thanks so much Shelley <3 Loving the blog.

  3. Iv looked at your whole website and these cupcakes are the first thing I would want or find atttractive.