Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bag Lady

Jane is not a bag lady, but she owns "The Bag Lady", which is a charming little cafe/variety store located at the corner of Pall Mall and Maitland Streets. They have great soup, sandwiches and salads, and the place has a quirky retro vibe with formica tables, a big comfy couch, and kitschy books, toys and knick knacks on the walls and shelves. For more information about The Bag Lady cafe, check out this link on the website:    
I photographed Jane at "The Breastest Day Ever", a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research hosted by Weezi's Design Studio and pinup photographer Dana Brushette, that was held on October 25th.


  1. so cute! Jane makes the BEST brownies in London..seriously, the best.
    You have to try them.
    and....great fair trade coffee goes best to wash them down ;)

  2. I LOVE The Bag Lady! Having lunch there right NOW! love it: great shot of Jane, FCF!