Friday, September 11, 2009

Weezi Wonderland

Was on my usual Friday after-work search for a post subject, and decided to visit the temple of things cool and girly, otherwise known as Weezi. In addition to her delightfully feminine line of clothing, she also sells handmade accessories and fun stuff for your house. I love the coasters (see above photo) made from recycled bathroom tiles, featuring such female icons as Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Barbarella and Bettie Page. If anyone wants to get me a gift, for any reason, I'm partial to the Barbarella ones :)
I'm a big fan of retro furniture, particularly designs from the 50's, and this table, made from an old suitcase, channels the 1950's very nicely, especially the colour
Why spoil your decor with an ugly pet bed when Spot or Fluffy can lounge in comfort on an adorable bed made from a recycled suitcase?


  1. Thanx Shelly! It was great to see you!! :)

  2. Weezi is awesome, but she needs to start making stuff for guys! My half of the population feels so left out. :(