Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still Stylish at 60, 70, and 80?

This is a question I sometimes ask myself (yes, I admit to being shallow about things like that). Of course, a more important concern would be whether I'm still going to be alive, ambulatory, independent, healthy, etc., and I think about that too. I found a style blog listed in "Bust" magazine (one of my favourite reads--check it out at, and it is focussed on style amongst the "silver-haired set". If you thought that looking fabulous and stylish was reserved for the under-50, wait til you see some of the incredible outfits these men and women put together. The link is: There are even photos of one of my inspirations, Mimi Weddell, a 90 year old model, actress and style icon. A documentary was made about her, called "Hats Off", which I am still trying to acquire. She is proof that age is really a state of mind. Here's the website for the documentary:

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