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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bits and Pieces.....and Curls!!

I hope all you Moms out there had a nice Mother's Day.  A random guy on the street wished me a Happy Mother's Day on Friday, which took me by surprise, because it was two days early, and he was  a complete stranger who had no idea whether I was a mother or not.

I guess there  isn't a "Happy Rat Mom Day".   Photo of Fred taken by Heather

And in other random bits from the past week.....

We welcomed two new groups of students to our graduate programs last week and this is what I wore to greet them.  Really, how could they not feel welcomed with Hello Kitty?  I found them on the sale rack at Forever 21 when I was in Toronto earlier in the week, and couldn't resist.

We've had some Spring-like weather lately, so inspired by flowers and budding trees I got out the purple and green.  Clockwise from top left:  silver bling from various sources, and bracelet purchased from Debra Rapoport;  the summer madras plaid converse; my beautiful copper lady necklace found at Lovesick Vintage a couple of years ago.

It was even knee socks weather - ooooh, the delight of a warm breeze on bare knees!  
candy-coloured docs - Doc Marten Store (Toronto)
T-Rex socks - Uber Cool Stuff

I always look forward to getting a fresh 'do and last week my cool hair gal Melanie and I decided that dark pink and orange would be the summer colour combo (it matches my Krista necklace!)    Then, on a whim, out came the curling iron and well, you can see from the photo above what happened.   I have had straight hair all my life (except for that one terrible perm in Grade 13), so to suddenly have a tangle of pink and orange curls on my head made me so freaking happy - it doesn't take much, I tell ya.  And yes, I bought my own curling iron this weekend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things....

I am working on my blog post about the vintage clothing and textile Show I attended in Toronto on the weekend, but in the meantime, here's an outfit post that includes a few of my favourite things in my wardrobe, and a new addition, purchased at the show...

You know those items we have in our wardrobe that we wear over and over, mixing and matching with other things, and make you feel good when you're wearing them?  This outfit includes some of mine.  The skirt was thrifted and is an excellent basic piece that has made it worth more than the $6 I paid for it.

You may remember the candy coloured Doc Marten brogues I purchased last year - they are my all time favourite feel-good shoes.  Today I wore them with my Pippi Longstocking leggings, another item that brightens my day, and always inspires a comment or two from my colleagues.

My new favourite is this Perry Ellis America jacket, purchased from the Factory Girl Vintage booth at the Gadsden's Toronto Vintage Clothing Show on Sunday.  It was very reasonable priced, and I couldn't resist the retina-burning colour and 80's shape.

Another thing I liked about the jacket was the fabric - it's made from a velvety-soft quilted cotton/poly blend and given that the temperature is still only a few degrees above zero, I appreciated the extra cozy factor.

We have had two, sunny, Spring-like days in a row, and I was swooning from the unexpected brightness.  I don't want to seem too presumptuous, but could the Winter From Hell actually be over?

A special thanks to the ever-patient Heather for taking these photos

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bold Hatmakers, New Hair, and Cozy Stripes

After seeing two films at TIFF, I met my friend Donna and we did a bit of looking/shopping along Queen Street West.  It was cloudy, and cold, as you can tell from our layers in the photo below.  We made stops at the Doc Marten Store and Kind Exchange, and then decided to check out some stores that neither of us had been in before.

Donna had passed the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop on Queen West a few times but had never been inside.  Stepping through the front door felt like we had been transported 50 or 60 years into the past (in a good way, without the dust or musty smell).  Goorin Bros. was started in 1895 by Cassel Goorin, who used to sell his custom-made hats off his horse cart in Pittsburgh.  When Cassel's two sons took over the business in 1921, it became Goorin Bros.  In 1949, the company headquarters moved to California, and the company became known across America for their quality hats.  In 2006, Cassel Goorin's great-grandson took over the company and continued the legacy of creating stylish hats that reflect the wearer's personality.  The store was decorated with beautiful woodwork and subtly lit displays of hats for sale.  Even the hat boxes, which were black with gold lettering, were stylishly elegant.

Some of the men's and women's hats for sale in the shop.   The selection for women feature classic shapes like the cloche, floppy and pillbox.

This young woman who was working in the shop seemed to find us as charming as we did her.   She was rocking a western/outback style fedora that looked perfectly modern paired with her turquoise hair.  Goorin Bros Hat Shop is located at 320 Queen Street West in Toronto.

I had got a new haircut last week.  I haven't had bangs for years, so it will be interesting to see how I feel about having hair on my forehead, even if it's only a chunk.  I like it though, and it got good reviews from people I didn't know when I was in Toronto.

I found this cozy velour sweatshirt/dress at Kind Exchange and wore it to work this week, styled like this.  It's kind of short but I don't think I flashed anyone, at least not intentionally.
striped sweatshirt/dress - Kind Exchange
scarf - Frilly Lizard (retail)
B & W thigh-highs - London Rock Shop
tri-colour brogues - Doc Marten store

Stripes! Polka Dots! Stars! Flowers! Skulls!  It's all good.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dames and Dolls

I have been inspired by the Vintage Vixen's recent posts where she is all dolled up in pink here and here, and the amazing pink "Barbie" print fabric she found.   Pink is a colour that I hadn't had much of a relationship with until this past year when the odd pink item of clothing made its way into the fortress of black, grey and red that was my closet.  By the time I brought home the Shoes of Total Awesomeness, pink seemed to have established a foothold in my wardrobe.

I picked up this fuschia linen tunic from the 70% off rack at From Mars last year - it was the age-old case of "too good a deal to leave behind" but I couldn't figure out how to style it.  It was too short to wear as a dress, and kind of boxy.   Pink and green has always been one of my favourite colour combinations so I thought the green obi belt I purchased on Etsy and a long skirt might be the solution.   Not bad, I think.
skirt -retail
leather obi belt - SmpliAnwi on Etsy
sandals - Riker, retail
sunglasses - courtesy of

A friend gave me this pink and white bit of 70's polyester goodness, which kind of reminded me of tops that my mother used to wear.   I decided to banish any mother-related associations by pairing it with funky pants, Docs and head scarf, and a cheeky attitude.
blouse - gift
pants - Material Girl (retail, on sale)
shoes - Doc Martens
scarf - purchased from The Style Crone

Pink conjures up images of childhood, princesses and Barbies.  I loved my Barbie doll that I had in the 60's, who had a red bubble hair cut.  I guess I didn't love her so much as I loved her clothes, and I was able to live out my own wardrobe fantasies through her.  I kept her, even though her fingernails had been chewed off and her makeup faded, and about a dozen years ago, I had an opportunity to be immortalized with her when a friend photographed us for an exhibit of photos of Londoners with their favourite toys.

Above is a print of the photo of Barbie and me that appeared in the exhibit.  We are both in fancy dresses, and this remains one of my favourite photos of me - I'm wearing a gorgeous vintage dress that I no longer fit into, and my face looks relaxed and happy, which is not its usual state.   Photo by Ron Tucker

And speaking of dolls.....

A few from the collection:  clockwise from top left - plastic chinese doll; "I Love Lucy" Barbie Doll wearing the outfit from the famous Vitameatavegamin commercial; Japanese cloth dancer doll; plastic nun doll with eyes that open and close

Do you still have any of the dolls from your childhood, or ones you've acquired as an adult?

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show

For those of you who don't know the story of the Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show,  last fall, Melanie, of Bag and a Beret, found a marvelous lemon yellow long full skirt at a thrift store, and after posting a photo of herself wearing it on her blog, she received a comment from a friend(?!) who noted that she "looked really ugly in those clothes".  Well, the challenge was on!  After some discussion in the blogosphere about personal style and the reaction one has to criticism like that and whether we should let it affect our ability to experiment and play with our clothes, it was suggested by Sarah Misfit that the skirt go on a journey and visit other bloggers to see what fun they could have with its retina-burning fabulousness.

The skirt had already made its way from Vancouver to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, California, when it finally arrived in Ontario, first to Amber of Butane Anvil, and then to me. 

Most of the bloggers who have had the skirt have taken it out into nature -  the beach, a field, or the forest.  I was determined to urbanize it, and when I found this graffiti in my neighbourhood (O.E.V stands for Old East Village, which is what my neighbourhood is called) I knew I'd found the perfect backdrop.

I saw the skirt as a cocoon, so a few strategically placed thrifted belts were employed to rein in its voluminous-ness

The skirt inspired some clowning around

...and then it was time for the metamorphosis.  Released from its restraints, the skirt spread out like the wings of a butterfly in the sunshine

which lead to a twirl...

and one good twirl deserves another!

I'm wearing:
The Travelling Yellow Skirt
sleeveless turtleneck and red belts - thrifted
awesome hat - gift from The Style Crone
magical shoes - Doc Marten store Toronto
arm warmers - London Rock Shop
Ray Ban Wayfarers - courtesy of Smartbuyglasses
 Thanks a million times over to my photographer extraordinaire, Heather!

If we choose, we can add something to the yellow skirt before we send it off to the next blogger

  I drew a pair of red glasses, but of course didn't plan my letter spacing very well. 

The Travelling Yellow Skirt will be hand-delivered to its next recipient, Megan of The Fashionable Bureaucrat, this weekend