Sunday, September 10, 2017

Confessions of a Lipstick Junkie

Sephora is my happy place (this is not a sponsored post - I link because I love)

It seems that the world is divided into two kinds of people - those who wear lipstick every day and feel incomplete without it, and those who never wear it.  I've worn lipstick since my 20's, and wouldn't think of leaving my house with bare lips.   I remember a colleague in a previous job asking me one day if I was ill, and I'm pretty sure it was because I wasn't wearing any lipstick that day.   The ancient Sumerians who crushed gemstones and applied them to their lips and around their eyes could not have predicted the insane number of shades of lipstick that would be available 5,000 years later.   I am not a "full face Makeup" woman; on a daily basis I do my brows, wear some concealer and lipstick.  Lipstick is my thing - at any one time I usually have about 20 different colours in my makeup bag, with the majority being shades of red.

Before Canada got its first Sephora in 2004 in Toronto, I was content with the RevlonL'Oreal and Maybelline lipsticks from my local drugstore. But when we finally got a Sephora store here in London, Ontario a few years ago, just stepping through the black and white striped doorway unleashed an uncontrollable lipstick lust in me.  In an effort to keep myself in check, I will only go with my friend Heather, and only once every three or four months.  

This past weekend, we did our "Start of a New School Year" visit - because a girl needs a new lipstick to greet all those new students, of course.  There is something about being surrounded by makeup displays that unleashes the five year old girl in me who wanted to play with her mother's makeup.  I flit from display to display, testing an eyeshadow or liner here, a nail polish there, before stationing myself in front of the Make Up Forever, Urban Decay, or Smashbox lipstick display and spend the next 30 minutes searching for the perfect lip colour that is going to make me look brighter and younger.  I wandering around yesterday wearing a rather fabulous metallic blue liquid lipstick on my mouth for at least an hour until I reluctantly gave in and gravitated to the more wearable reds. But I knew I could have worn that blue with confidence.

 My purchases from yesterday, as well as a lip primer

It's a greater challenge buying makeup when you are a "woman of a certain age".  Powders settle into, and emphasize creases and lines, lipsticks that "stay on forever" also dry out your lips, dark colours make you look older, and candy-coloured brights can make you look like you're trying too hard.  I've  seen a number of articles in print and online that caution women over 40 against wearing red lipstick, which is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.  Red lipstick looks amazing with grey hair, and pale skin, which is what most of us white women end up with if we live long enough and stop colouring our hair.   You may need to start using a lip primer to soften and smooth lips and make lipstick adhere better, and I purchased the Sephora brand on the recommendation of one of their sales staff.

I also admit to being seduced by packaging, and Benefit Cosmetics excels in this area.  The "stick" contains a core of concealer surrounded by a ring of Vitamin E-infused moisturizer and when you wear it, it hydrates your skin as well as providing light coverage for uneven skin tone and blemishes.  I'm looking forward to having this in the winter when my skin dries out and starts to flake off my face.

Another thing I love about Sephora is that for every $1 you spend you get a point, and when you have accumulated 100 points, you can choose one from several samples of products.  With all the current popularity of charcoal in skin products, I though I would give this face mask a try.

Showing off my new Urban Decay lipstick and the results of me playing with yellow and blue eyeshadows I had purchased previously.  I need to work on my eye makeup application technique, as I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing, but I liked that the colours matched the frames of my glasses!

How do you feel about lipstick?