Sunday, December 15, 2013

On The Eleventh Day of Vintage Christmas.....

Get Yer Game on.... 

Why not pick up a vintage board game or two to help fill the awkward span of time between lunch and dinner on Christmas day, instead of watching the rest of your family drink/fight/embarrass themselves? Think of the quality time you can spend with your kids, or nieces and nephews, teaching them the marvelous complexities and strategies of Mousetrap or Parcheesi, and regaling them with tales of how you whupped your brother's ass at Monopoly when you were seven.

Made in Canada Parcheesi game available at The Sentimentalist

Vintage board games and Snoopy Sniffer available at Jackpot Vintage


  1. I never played Parcheesi! I used to be obsessed with Moustrap as a child, though.
    Monopoly is always number one in my heart! Good old board games. Most kids wouldn't have any idea what they are, what a grand idea for a gift! XXX

  2. Mousetrap! I also have a special soft spot for Pig Pong. :D
    (and Perfection, and Operation, and Jaws, and Pick Up Stix …)

  3. Love it. I grew up playing Parcheesi, then Monopoly. We had a cupboard (rather like the one in one of my fave flics, The Royal Tenebaums) that was full of old board games. Clue, Operation, and a host of older ones that predates us, along with the classic Kerplunk. Ah, thanks for the happy memories, Shelley. :)

  4. OMG, I had that dog when a was a child. My husband and his brothers had marathon Monopoly games back in the day.

  5. I'm seeing tons of board games in the thrift shops but the vintage ones they pull and charge extra for them. *sheesh!*

  6. I've never heard of Parcheesi, looking at the box lid, it looks like what we would call Ludo.
    We always played board games at home, and lots of card games too. Actually, my kids really like them, and they have asked that we have a games night over Christmas. Sounds OK to me (fuelled by a small glass of wine or two, maybe...!) xxx

  7. I've never heard of Parcheesi either, maybe Curtise is right about it being called Ludo here!
    I love board games and still do. Jon and I regularly play drunken Scrabble and take an ancient travel sized set to India with us. This year we've added a 1980s Pass The Pig to the repertoire! x

  8. Oh Boy Parchesi, that's old! i don't if i know how to play! Monopoly oh! yes we played that game so many times!
    I love to play Scrabble on my IPad with Mr. D

    Take care gorgeous



  9. I'm horrid with board games... No patience :(

  10. I've never played Parcheesi either. Why, why, WHY?!!! Pass the pig? Pig pong? Mousetrap? What about the poor cows and sheep and shrews? Toss a sheep? Squeak a cow? Style a Shrew?... I agree that board games are excellent Christmas gifts. Great idea, Shelley.

  11. Nice parcheesi game. Do you sell that?