Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You've Been A Very Naughty Boy.....

*any whiff of sexual innuendo that a reader detects in this post is obviously due to their own twisted and over-active imagination*

Now just what shall I do with you?

Now don't be giving me any attitude - can't you see that I'm wearing my no-nonsense, completely covered-up-but-slightly-naughty librarian/governess/secretary outfit?

Remember Celeste - the woman behind Recycadelic upcycled clothing?  She's closing her booth at the Western Fair Farmers' Market, so had marked down her stock, and when I saw this skirt and sleeve set she had made from a man's sweater, it was love at first sight!

It really was all about the studded faux leather collar that I snagged from Winners - half price!  I don't like wearing shirts with collars, but I can see me wearing this over most of my t-shirts in the summer.

Now,  go stand in the corner and I'll deal with you later!


  1. OOoh yes! I don't like shirts with collars either but I LOOOVE the studded leather collar so much! And the outfit made from a men's jumper is fantastic - I did that myself back in the mid 80s!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Gulp, I got a little nervous when I read that last line. You look like you - and that collar - won't put up with any nonsense.

    I love that skirt! It is so unique and such a statement. A statement that cannot be ignored!

  3. Ingenious! Love the design and colors. Looks from this distance (more than 500 miles away) like a Jhane Barnes weave. And let's not forget the hair and glasses while we're at it!
    The Ifs

  4. I think all those bad boys will be lining up for their, um, reprimand? You look sooooo good. The skirt/sleeve upcycle is fabulous and I will be copying it shamelessly. I love the pattern and colors. The collar is very cool too. I don't like collared shirts on me but the detached collar really is a necklace of sorts, right? Your shoes add the perfect touch to the whole thing.

  5. I like this vibe you're puttin' out here... Really love the studded collar, too!
    Becky :)

  6. There is something kind of scarey-sexy about this outfit. I think it's the subtle leather accents. Very classy really!

  7. Ha! I love your wonderful neckwear and that belt it lovely.

  8. I like it, strict but deliciously sexy! That collar adds a bit of a Miss Whiplash undertone. xxx

  9. Totally impressive outfit! I thought about making a skirt out of a sweater but was worried that it would stick to my tights when I walk. Is it lined? Or do you wear something underneath?

    1. It is lined, as it would likely stick to my tights. The lining adds a bit of weight to it as well.

  10. You look absolutely amazing! I love the studded collar and the bubble hem.

  11. You crack me up! Gorgeous outfit and especially love the studded collar and skirt. There is no question that you have 'control' of the situation!

  12. Ooh, Shelley, you are most definitely In Charge in this outfit! I'm sure you are firm but fair!
    Love the studded collar and the knitted skirt and armlets (I knew Jean would like those too!)
    That first photo is utterly fabulous, as are you! xxxx

  13. Shelley I love this look on you!
    plus i love your hair!
    2 colors right?


  14. love that skirt and sleeves ensemble, and you've accessorized so nicely with your belt and studed collar, it rocks!

  15. Ha, you are the boss of everything! Love how the muted palette allows the unique shapes, textures, and details to shine. Awesome combo of collar, belt, and boots!

  16. You're looking so good in this outfit and your chinchilla coat! Love visiting your site!

  17. I'm totally love that collar! I love all of this outfit... so dark, hint of 80s, makes me think of bands like The Mobiles. All the leather is wonderful.