Sunday, May 6, 2012

Roller Derby - The Style Off the Track

Saturday night the Forest City Derby Girls took on the Blue Water Roller Girls at the Western Fairgrounds.  The London team, consisting of members of the Lunch Ladies and the Thames Fatales, came out the winners, but there was also some winning style statements being made off the track:
I had barely found a seat when I saw this group who had obviously been inspired by the Mexican "Day of the Dead".  I love to see people at Roller Derby who have obviously put considerable effort into their outfits.
There were a couple of sombreros worn in recognition that Saturday was the Mexican holiday, "Cinco De Mayo".
 One of the Derby girls who was not playing was helping with the score keeping, and was decked out in a fabulous frock and shoes that had to be seen to be believed....
ZOMBIE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!(with bows, no less)
The Refs often add their own personal touch to their "zebra stripes"
This young woman had it all going on--pink retro-inspired hair style, bold colours, and awesome accessories (I was coveting her gold-studded boots).  She told me that she was from Chatham, and is part of a group of women trying to start a roller derby league there.
She definitely rocked a modern "Rosie the Riveter" look - complete with studded vest.  Her makeup was flawless, especially the out-to-there eyelashes.
Even Colonel Sanders put in an appearance! He's a "referee in training" and also plays in a band, in his Colonel Sanders persona


  1. You have 'The Eye!' So many wonderful looks at one event. Roller Derby events certainly bring out a fashionable and festive crowd, and I'm sure you were one of them

  2. They all look great! I especially love the pink hair gal - she's rocking her studs! Sarah xxx

  3. Ha! Zombie shoes, Colonel Sanders, Rosie, and a kilt with rollerskates? Who knew London was so much fun? Great pics!

  4. WoWWWWWWWWWWWWWLove the girl in pink

  5. What fun! I'd love to go! That girl in pink is just gorgeous. x

  6. Looks so much fun! The pink girl is delightful. xxx

  7. Who the heck is the Colonel? Pretty awesome. I love the kilt on the ref!

  8. This roller blade thing never cease to amaze me!
    I get a kick out of it
    I love the pink hair Lady and le Colonel!


  9. Ha, I love the ref in a kilt. I've only attended a roller derby once, but you're right that it IS a feast for the eyes.

  10. How come you guys get to have all the fun?! Any excuse for a costume party sounds like fun to me!!!!

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  12. Ooooh glad you linked this post-- such gooood style here!